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Orange Sky



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    Heather Hecht img 2

    After a LOVELY day at the spa during our staycation, my 2 friends from work and myself decided to look up what restaurants were on the hotel property. We found Orange Sky and decided to continue to treat ourselves. We had originally packed for a spa day, so we all were in sandals, and summertime outfits, not dressed for 5 star formal. When we walked off the elevator, the elderly hostess immediately looked us up and down, to which she asked if we had a reservation. I replied no, we were just interested in coming in last minute for dinner. This host and another lady discussed that we could sit at the bar, they may not have a spot as we did not make a reservation, but can call the manager. I asked them to please call and ask. While we waited, the other hostess attempted to hand over a menu and told us to look at it so we “could see the”… she got quiet as I imagine she was going to say prices. I explained that we already saw a menu moments before online, and would like to be able to enjoy dinner after our spa day here at the hotel (where we each easily spent $300 per person). At this point the manager is discussing with the host, a male manager walks by and says “that sounds like a great time” about the spa comment, and magically they could find a table for us to sit. When we were brought to the table, there were about 5 other tables taken, leaving most of the restaurant empty. This was at 5:45 ( opens at 5pm). The waitress herself was very nice, but I just could not believe how judgmental the front staff was. The food was decent, but not by any means best I’ve ever had. Although the food is not the best part of this restaurant, I must say the sunset was unbelievably beautiful from this location!!

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    Queentree ofCreation img 4

    A unforgettable experience!! Everything was immaculate from start to finish. Chef took us on a journey of flavors that were both beautiful and delicious. Our server and his team were amazing and provided the best service beyond expectation. This will definitely be our date night location.

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    Napoleon H img 4

    Beautiful Restaurant and a great experience. Service was very friendly, The food was really good, we had some steaks with the Mac & Cheese, Mushrooms and Potatoes (highly recommend the potatoes). The signature drinks were a little bit too tart with the lime (Soulmate) and lacking in quantity especially for $18…fill em to the brim. Restaurant is very clean, Love the energy in the entryway with live music and dancing. Highly recommend you check this place out and reserve the West Facing booths for an awesome sunset view.

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    Sandy Jackola img 5

    One of the best dinners we have had. Great service, excellent views, A leisure dinner without being rushed. Take time out of your meal time to enjoy the scenery.. Especially at sunset.

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    Bo Roberts-Leung img 4

    Great sunset, attentive wait staff and, overall, well executed food, it’s quite expensive for what you get in terms of innovation and quantity but we really enjoyed our meal. I think there may be better spots for the money, but it’s worth checking out. Food 8/10 Service 8/10 Atmosphere 9/10 Value 7/10