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    brian sharer img 5

    Our server, David, was absolutely amazing! Our anniversary dinner was spectacular. The Paella and filet mignon were exemplary. Will definitely go back!

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    Eider Moreno img 5

    Good environment, the views pf the sunset were stunning, the service in the restaurant was sharp and quick, and the food really good, coming back to test the duck

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    Plumber Mike img 1

    First, I really hate leaving a 1 star review, especially since the restaurant is part of my favorite hotel chain, Four Seasons. But the food wasn’t really appetizing and definitely misleading. Waiting almost 30 minutes between plates being removed from the appetizers and mains being served was inexcusable - but the waitress admitted a “large party” took priority - in a rather empty restaurant on a Friday night at 9pm.

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    Leigh Doheny img 1

    An insulting first experience. Xmas brunch with four adults and a child. Poor service and I get called after spending nearly a thousand dollars on brunch to be accused of not paying our bill, which is beyond a joke. This has never happened in my life, and what an insult on Christmas after spending so much money!

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    Alessandro Lai img 1

    Guy at the entrance asked me if we had any allergy, I said that the only one I have is at the bad food. He told me that this wasn’t a place for bad food. Spanish Restaurant, I was looking for some Jamon iberico…not in the menu, however the waiter said that they have a cheese plate with Jamon. Costco cheese! Yay!! Queso manchego sliced from a Costco package. Jamon iberico was a mirage, we got some sliced salami and prosciutto…probably from some Costco package as well. Cheese served cold right out from the fridge. However I got the paella, main course. 54$ rice salted as hell was un-eatable. All meat on the paella was dry and over cooked, the only good thing was the chicken. I used to go to Spain at least once a year….the Spanish food from here is long gone. Not worth at all!!!